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The start of X-mas knitting August 30, 2007

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Okay, so in posting the stuff as I work on it, I realize that I am opening myself up to possibly ruining x-mas presents on people. I really don’t want to do that, but if I wait until everything I am planning on making in the next 4 months get’s delivered and opened, then i will have no projects to post. So I am just hoping that no one I know other than the handful I gave the link to actually find out about this blog. Mom and any other relatives-if you come across this, I apologize. As a compromise, I am just going to leave out the recipient of the items I list, so maybe someone will be surprised if they DO stumble across this little corner of the internet.

So, my finished project for this post is a very neat little scarf I made up on the fly and finished in about 2 days(so maybe, 5 hours?) thanks to the nifty little knitting loom I picked up the other day. I wish I had the time to handknit everything, but in some cases, you need to make a compromise. I decided scarves are that compromise. At least when heading up to x-mas.
The yarn I picked up that I fell absolutely in love with for this piece is by Patons and is called “Bohemian”. I picked black because, well, I usually do, to be honest. And this yarn is soooo super soft. Really-I’d love to just roll around in a huge pile of it. Then, after getting it home, I decided to pair it up with a Berroco yarn called Candy FX that I picked up a few weeks ago on sale at The Loop. The color for that one was 8734-it’s a black, silver and white sort of concoction. Very cool.

Anyways, enough of this-here’s a few pics of the finished piece!


Knitting night!

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Well, tonight was knitting night-Wednesday nights-and me and the girls all met at Lisa’s place. I was working on a present for my mom, Karyn is working on a wicked Transformers scarf she is inventing for her fiance, Lisa is working on multiple things(like her second Space Invaders sock from and while we were missing our little Kel, Crystal came out for the first time and learned how to start a hat. I think it was a productive night for the most part for everyone. Afterwards, to spare Lisa from driving EVERYONE home, and in a bid to be somewhat self sufficient, I decided to not only get the bus over by myself, but to get it home as well. Lisa’s neighborhood is slightly scary at night and I was the only person on the whole bus all through the shitty neighborhoods until we hit pretty close to downtown. SCARRRRRYYYYYY!!!!! hahahahaha But worth it, i think. I need to stop relying on drives. Especially since they all come from Lisa. 😛 I love you, Lisa. You’re my hero. 🙂
Notable quote for the night goes to Lisa with “I can’t take a good picture of my weiner” in reference to what I call her bag sack-a crocheted plastic bag holder she finished last weekend. If she ever gets a blog up, you can go look at it. It’s pretty 🙂
And I have a picture tonight! My first hat, knit from no pattern and finished off with a little help from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s Knitting Rules. I can’t wait till it’s cold enough to wear it! 🙂


The beginning August 28, 2007

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Well, now, I’m a little out of practice at blogging, so if anyone ACTUALLY decides to start reading this, I apologize.
I’m actually running a little late for work, so no pics for my first post, but I WILL have a few pics of the new hat I just finished for myself that I pretty much made up out of scratch and which I was very pleased with. I almost can’t wait for it to get cold! ha ha ha ha ha
Projects I am working on-well, some of them I can’t really mention, because thy are gifts for people I know that may happen to stumble across this little piece of the internet. I am working on a baby kimono for a friend who is pregnant(all that’s left is the seaming and the ribbons-the knitting part is done!), a few scarves for some gentlemen friends that I know, STILL have to get back to Chad’s scarf that i started LAST fall-hahahaha, and any number of other things.
Well, that’s it for now, I will have to get some pics from friends since I actually don’t keep too much of my knitting for myself!