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Where the hell are my dpns????? September 3, 2007

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Okay, so this weekend has been full of knitting.
Friday night I started a pair of wrist warmers using this lovely black and purple variegated yarn I bought quite a while back at The Loop. I think it’s Cascade. So there’s one of my 2 sets of dpns. I also have another pair that is pink and made by Pearl. I have ONE of the set of 5. Only ONE. The rest, I know are in the package. Somewhere.
Why is this a problem right now, you ask? Well, because I am finally(I say that like it’s been forever when really it’s only been 3 or 4 days) at the decreasing point on a camo hat I am knitting for my sweetie, Chad. And I totally could have finished it last night if I a) could have found those dpns or b) hadn’t of started that damn wrist warmer Friday night.
On the plus side, in my frantic 2 hour+ search, I had a chance to lug out ALL my yarn and get it somewhat more organized. I now have a GIANT bin that I freed up from stuff I still hadn’t unpacked yet which is now full of the many balls of yarn my mother has acquired for me at yard sales, another giant bin full of the cheap Red Heart and Bernat yarns I had picked up when I first started knitting, along with a bunch of cotton, a medium sized bin full of all my natural wools(my “good” yarn), and another bin full of my novelty stuff. And I have an extra bin left over for the future. Hahahahaha Half my closet is yarn.
But ya know what? No damn pink Pearl dpns were to be found. So now I guess I need to spend the morning trying to finish 1 of 2 wrist warmers so that I can use the needles to finish the hat, and then do the other wrist warmer. Thank heavens it’s still the long weekend 🙂


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