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Whew! Am I a slacker or what???!!! November 13, 2007

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Okay, so I have been neglecting my brand new blog. This is what happens when you have waaaay too many hobbies, events, and all that stuff to do. I finished that other scarf for myself that I was talking about, and picked up a bunch more of that yarn to do some other stuff. Started a baby bib I have to get back on. This week I made 2 cammo baby hats for the 2 boy babies I know are coming this winter from friends. I also finished that rug I was working on(a while ago, actually) but I still need to regraft it(I did it backwards) and get a mat to sew under it so it doesn’t slide around and kill anybody 😛
Also, this past weekend, I started my forray into sock knitting. I am making a pair of blue and grey striped socks with Opal sock yarn. I’ve done a few inches of ribbing and am now just a handful of rows into stockinette stitch for the leg.
What else is on the needles? Started back up on Chad’s alien scarf(from the 1st Stitch N Bitch book) so I want to have that done some time this month since it is scarf weather out there most days now. I also started a felted alpaca. I need to get back on that as well, since it’s a Christmas present.
Been mostly spending my time making jewelery, since that’s something that I also enjoy doing and am trying to make money at. My sale site is over at
I just sent a bunch of stuff to my hometown to be sold, so here’s hoping *crosses fingers*


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