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Happy New Years! January 1, 2008

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Well, today my sweetie finally comes home. Still finishing up cleaning the apartment before he gets back-I have a whole pile of stuff to send back with my parents next time they are in the city. Was farting around Ravelry and found a substitute yarn for a sweater I wanted to make myself, so I am going to be picking up some Lion Brand Cotton some time this week, I hope. If I can get to a Walmart or Michaels and if they have the color I want.
Hope to get knitting tonight. Haven’t done any in a few days because of the massive apartment wide de-Christmasing and cleaning. I’m on the sceond part of the Yorrick scarf from Knitty, so I hope to have it knitted up in a day or two and then I have to get it felted somewhere, or hand felt it.
Hope everyone has a Happy New Year’s Day, and let’s get working on those resolutions, shall we?


2 Responses to “Happy New Years!”

  1. Kate Says:

    Hopefully you *can* get a washing machine. Hand felting sounds like it would be horrible. Like churning butter, but with knitted garments and a plunger.

  2. Stephanie N Says:

    hahahaha Pretty much 😛

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