The Domesticated Dame

The tale of a modern woman who turned back time and reclaimed her right to be domesticated

The Shoe Shop January 7, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — hellcat @ 4:20 am

Well, even though yesterday was my birthday and I celebrated then, I also went out with some of my derby girls tonight to the Economy Shoe Shop for some drinks. Had a few Cosmo martinis and the baked goat cheese-sooooooo good. I wish I had another plate of it right now. Soooooo good! ha ha ha ha ha ha
One of the girls got me a set of knit lites, too! So now I can knit in the dark! Woo!


2 Responses to “The Shoe Shop”

  1. Angela Hardy Says:

    Thanks Steph… I’m working on yours today!!! You HAVE to let me do the one of you and your cat…. PLEASEEEE!!??? OH… and love the pasties…so nice and warm!!

  2. Stephanie N Says:

    Hahaha Darlin-you can paint whatever you want! I don’t know why me-but you go right ahead! 😛
    I should totally send you a pair of pasties!!! ha ha ha ha

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