The Domesticated Dame

The tale of a modern woman who turned back time and reclaimed her right to be domesticated

I’ve become art! January 11, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — hellcat @ 11:55 am

A wonderfully talented artist that I know has been doing some portraits lately and recently asked a few of my derby girls and I if she could paint us from some online photos of us. We all agreed, and she is now finished her second one, which is ME! I’m so excited, I could hardly sleep last night and then I woke up and it is done and online! Check it out!!!!


2 Responses to “I’ve become art!”

  1. catchesire Says:

    Awesome portrait!!!!! Glad to meet you and find someone who agrees with my stance on CNN not being a real newsource!

  2. rubyredruca Says:

    That is so awesome! My mom has a portrait over her fireplace that a known LA artist she was friends with painted of her. It’s really cool and reminds me of yours. How cool is that to have someone WANT to paint you just because they like you! I’m jealous!

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