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Ahhhh….unemployment January 15, 2008

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Not too much going on lately. Frogged a bag I had started and then reknit it and felted it. Just waiting for it to dry now. Started a simple dishcloth pattern while sitting at a tattoo shop with a friend all afternoon yesterday, but cotton always makes my hands hurt so i didn’t get very far.
Not really sure what I want to work on at the moment. I have a bag I started before Christmas that I need to get working on, and I want to get my criss cross gloves and garter done, but I haven’t even cast them on yet. Also found a pattern on ravelry for some socks by a local woman using local yarn that was in my prize from Tangled Skeins. Would like to make those too. So many decisions!!!!!
I’ve managed to watch all of Season 1 of the X-Files this past weekend and last week was Season 2 of Rome. At least I managed to fit some exercise in there. Everything but my hands are going to atrophy! ha ha ha ha ha


2 Responses to “Ahhhh….unemployment”

  1. meegiemoo Says:

    I loved Rome and am sad it ended. =(

  2. Stephanie N Says:

    Me too!!!!! I wish there was more, but it ended at a good point so while I wish there were more, I am content where it finished off. Unlike Deadwood, which really needs more seasons. 😦 I miss Deadwood….

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