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Crochet? Moi? March 12, 2008

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Okay, so I learned how to crochet last week with the insistance by a wonderful Ravelry cohort in Germany that I did not have to stay “crochet retarded”. I struggled with my first swatch, but came out victorious in the second one, so I started and finished a project using single crochet-which is as far as I had gotten in teaching myself πŸ˜› So I now have a nifty, slightly wonky nurse purse! Woo! I want to put picks up, but I want to block it first and haven’t had time to yet.
On the WIPS, I still have to finish what was my mystery project, but is actually the devil hat from Stitch N Bitch-I already told the recipient she was getting it and she found my blog because I am dumb and linked her to it to see my weiner dog πŸ˜› ha ha ha ha
Started a little more work on my dad’s socks, but then I had to rip back because I was dumb again and accidentally left it inside out, so the stockinette stitch turned bumpy.
I think I am going to start a small project for a friend whose birthday was a few weeks ago. I have to mail her present to her, but I would like to include something handmade. Maybe some jewelry-that would get done quicker πŸ˜›
That’s about it for now, I suppose-I will try and be more interesting when I am not half asleep and blogging πŸ˜‰


5 Responses to “Crochet? Moi?”

  1. monkey-butter22 Says:

    I do the majority of my blogging when I’m half asleep and incoherant. Good times!


  2. Mama Brook Says:

    Are you gonna make doilies now??? πŸ™‚

  3. Stephanie N Says:

    oh god no!!!!! ha ha ha ha

  4. Rapunzel Says:

    Just found your blog, love it! Congrats on the newly-acquired crocheting skill! I haven’t picked up my hook in years, you’ve just inspired me.

  5. Stellina Says:

    yay, make amigurumi!!!

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