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The Quest for Yarn-in pictures! April 24, 2008

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Well, since my friend Lisa and I are still unemployed from work, and most of our friends are not, we decided to do a fun little field trip on Wednesday while they were all at work, down to Gaspereau Valley to the yarn shop! Weeeeee!
This is an old textile plant in Windsor that is being turned into condos. Very cool!

That mountain waaaay in the distance is where the Blomidon Look-off is-see pics further down!

The yarn shop! This red barn has animals behind it(see next couple of pics) and there’s another barn off to the right(not in the pic) that has all the yarn and wool and fleeces and a dog!!!! Yay!

This way to wool! Lisa is very excited 🙂

Farm animals! Weee!

Yarn barn! Mmmmmm….yarn…..Lisa is reluctant to leave!

Yarny goodness!

Drool…….bathtub full of brightly dyed fleecy goodness!!! It felt soooooo soft!

Blomidon Look-off! It was so worth the extra driving!

The one pic of me, because *I* hold the camera 99% of the time 😛 At Blomidon Look-off

If you are ever in Nova Scotia, or you live here-you HAVE to go to Gaspereau Valley Fibers. Seriously. I want to move there 😛 ha ha ha ha ha ha

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