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Knit Girls Fundraiser June 14, 2008

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The KnitGirls was founded by Rhonda Adams (aka Madamknitgirl) in December of 2007 as a monthly competition of bad ass women who knit and have tattoos, where the winner is crowned a Knit Girl and has her own feature page on the website as well as being included in future KnitGirl projects and events. It was an immediate hit and she has been running Knit Girl competitions each month since, showing no signs of slowing down! The Knit Girls has expanded and can be found on it’s own website, and Knit Girl Blog, Ravelry, Myspace, Facebook, and Lingr.

The KnitGirls is so much more than the monthly competition, as many women in theRavlery group can attest to. We have become a close-knit (pun intended)family and support system. There are several women who can probably admit to spending precious time that they could be spending knitting chatting on the Ravlery group instead.

As some of you know, the website and competition have been completely funded by Rhonda. These costs include,but are not limited to, website fees, voting system fees and prizes that are presented to the winning Knit Girls, not to mention all of the time and effort she spends each month maintaining the site and running the competition. There is a KnitGirl Etsy shop where group members have graciously donated their handmade products to raise funds for the continuance of the Knit Girls,and this is what we are asking of you now.

Please take the time to donate $10 to the Knit Girls.Along with supporting one of the greatest communities of female knitters, you will also be entering yourself into a raffle of wonderful prizes donated by fellow group members. It is a quick and easy way to help out the KnitGirls.And lets face it; the prizes alone are worth it!


3 Responses to “Knit Girls Fundraiser”

  1. Mama Brook Says:

    I’ll def. have to do something 😉

  2. Stephanie N Says:

    Thanks, Brook! That would be awesome! p.s.-I’m running for Bad Knit Girl in August!!!!

  3. ~Melissa~ Says:

    You know you have my vote in August!

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