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Well now…..what now? June 28, 2008

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Hmmm….it’s been a few weeks since I’ve really blogged. It’s funny-I’m on the computer most of the day wishing people would update their blogs so I would have something to read, and then I forget to update my own! Not like there’s a whole lot going to, but still.
Let’s see. What has been going on?
Well, I’ve jumped back on to my knitting these past few weeks. But of course, instead of finishing up some of my many WIP’s, I just ended up starting new projects altogether. I finally got a chance to make some booties off of Ravelry and they are sooo adorable!!! I ran out and bought more Baby Ull to make more-they’re just too cute when they are all done.I’m also making a pair of pink and purple mary jane slippers for my hair dresser, and a pink baby romper from the Baby Knits book.
This week I received in the mail my free copy of Knit So Fine that I won from Ruby, after her running a contest on her blog. There are a few sweaters I am looking forward to knitting in the fall some time πŸ™‚
Also this week I received my first pen pal letter! It’s from Ann and she lives in Norway!!!! Very cool. She did up such an adorable package for me, with tea and a postcard and lots of stickers and a pic of herself and a HUGE letter! I can’t wait to write her back and send her lots of goodies too!!! I sent out 2 letters a few weeks ago-one to Sweden and one to Austria, so hopefully I will hear from those girls too πŸ™‚
On the jewelery front, I am designing and making some matching necklaces and earrings for my friend’s “bridesmaids” for her wedding in July. Got all my materials and made the necklaces last night. The earrings will follow later this weekend. They look great so far! Woo!
Hmmm….I guess that’s probably all I’ve got right now πŸ˜› My mind goes blank sometimes when I try and remember what I did-unemployment will do that to you. I have a small bg project to work on this weekend and a lot of sewing to get done. Then I have to see a friend who is visiting from Toronto, get to Michaels to get yarn for the KAL(knit-along) for July with the knit girls, go to a birthday party Monday night and then Tuesday is my cat’s birthday party. Yes, that’s right-he gets a party. πŸ˜‰
Have a great weekend, everyone!!!!!!


8 Responses to “Well now…..what now?”

  1. Rapunzel Says:

    Those booties are sooo cute, almost wishes I had a baby to wear them! Gasp! I didn’t just say that, really I didn’t! πŸ˜‰

  2. Viva Scrapper! Says:

    OH! Those are too cute!
    I have a friend that is knocked up and I’m waiting for them to find out the gender of the baby on account of my having a LOT of pink or blue baby yarn and an itch to make a layette set for my Knitting Olympic trials project!

  3. rubyredruca Says:

    Those are so adorable, and cute in every color! I love that pattern!

  4. Stephanie N Says:

    Thanks everyone!

  5. ~Melissa~ Says:

    Those booties are so cute! I always meant to make Delphine some, but I never did. Bad mom.

    You are one creative person – knitting, art, jewelry – wow!!

  6. Mama Brook Says:

    Dud, you don’t need to lose weight – you are so hot the way you are!

    Can I be your pen pal too??

  7. KnittyBitch Says:

    snickerdoodle…you do jewelry? Why did I not know this? I may have to look into abusing the privilege of calling you my friend and get you to make me some when the time comes for my marriaging Doo-Wa. (Don’t worry, I pay…not well, but I do pay…lol…)

    P.S. Aren’t those booties great??? I made a couple pair for a friend a while back…saw them everywhere on Rav.

  8. Stephanie N Says:

    Thanks so much, Melissa! xoxoxo
    Brook-I TOTALLY need to lose weight! ha ha ha ha hah a I have a big ol gut πŸ˜› And yes, you can be my penpal!!! I love penpals!!!!
    Knittybitch-you didn’t know that!!!??? Shame on you! ha ha ha ha ha And yes, those booties are fantabulous!!!

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