The Domesticated Dame

The tale of a modern woman who turned back time and reclaimed her right to be domesticated

July 8, 2008

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Okay, so this post actually has some pics in it-I know, I know. As an amateur photographer that owns about a billion cameras I really should have pics in here more often(and of higher quality) but sometimes I just can’t make myself do it 😛 I’m horrible, I know. Oh well. this post HAS pictures in it! Yay! Everybody dance now! Do, do do do do, Do do do do

Alright, first off is a couple of pics from when Karyn(first pic), Lisa(second pic) and I all went to see my friend Sarah at her dinner theatre show-Frients(making fun of Friends). It was quite raunchy and funny and everyone had a good time. I even got dragged onto the stage by one of the guys in the show that I have a little crush on. 😛 So that was cool, if embarrassing.

This is one of Mr. Zartan enjoying some balcony time on his birthday, which is Canada Day. No pics of the bbq party we had for him because I suck and forgot to take my camera out-too busy stuffing my face with potato salad 😛 He turned 8, which in cat years is 48. he is an old man, but still a spry little bugger 🙂

The honey’s parents came to visit this weekend past and we spent Saturday shopping and then we took them to the park for a very long and sun filled afternoon walk. Martello Tower was open so we took them in to have a looksie, since they had never been there before. This is me grabbing Chad’s mom for a picture.

This is one Chad snapped of me-notice how sweaty I am? It was sooo hot out!

And this is the finished front of my anchor tube top for the Knit Girls July KAL(knit along). The back is the same, only minus the anchor, so while it will be easier going, it will likely be more boring as it’s just all stockinette with some ribbing on the top and bottom. Oh well, I hope it turns out good-not like I’ll likely ever wear it 😛 Still plugging away on the weight watchers and fitness-seeing results but not enough to wear a tube top 😛 ha ha ha haha

Well, I guess that is it for now. I have some freelance comic stuff in that I am plugging away at, as well as helping Chad with some of his stuff.
We had derby practice yesterday and only 4 girls made it. Some had good reasons and others I never heard from. I’m seriously starting to think about giving up. If people can’t make practice or practice on their own, we’re always gonna have people who aren’t good at all and people who are really good and there just isn’t enough of us to keep it going much longer, I don’t think. Which is a shame, but I am getting tired of being the responsible one and getting frustrated over it. We’ll see how many people show up for tomorrow’s practice.
Wednesday night is knitting and Thursday is hanging out with my parents and then Thursday night I get to meet TWO of my ladies from the Knit Girls. I am quite excited!!! Weeeee!!! Busy busy week ahead!


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