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Knit girl love! July 11, 2008

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Alright! So today was a busy busy day! I went in to my old workplace to get something from my friend and then a bunch of us all went out to lunch, which actually really sucked. The food was not very good at all. So keep in mind Haligonians-the new Freemans on Grafton is possibly even worse than the one on Quinpool.
Then I came home and puttered around until I heard from Kelly(knittybitch on Ravelry) and Leslie(lulubelle on Ravelry). I got picked up on my way to the park by Leslie and her van full of family and we met Kelly and her fiancee and daughter at the park. It was a great time, lots of sun and walking and trying to convince Tony, Kelly’s man, to move back to Nova Scotia. Both girls are awesome and I look forward to seeing Leslie around town and Kelly whenever she can get her man to make the trip back down πŸ™‚

Here is Kelly on the left, Leslie on the right-can you believe that we did NO knitting!?? Even though we all brought it with us πŸ˜›

Me showing my instant love of the girls

Gabriel-one of Leslie’s entourage

Tony, Kelly’s man, with Grace-another of Leslie’s, and Ammy-Kelly’s daughter

Kelly is too rockinly awesome

It’s a giant anchor! Let’s crawl all over it! In orange-Philip(? I hope I got that right!)-Leslie’s hubby, Tony, Grace, Ammy and Cameron in the blue-I told you Leslie had an entourage!

Leslie is so pretty-and once I hung out with her I could totally see the cheerleader πŸ˜›

The group heading up to Martello Tower, which was open

Tony being retarded and Kelly taking his pic

Ammy and Grace were practically inseperable!


My knit girls! xoxoxo

Kelly was not allowed up there but she’s a rebel

See? Inseperable!

We kept getting random bouquets from the girls along the way πŸ˜›


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