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Gaspereau take 2! July 13, 2008

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Alright, so things have been busy busy busy lately! I’ve been doing some freelance work, visiting people, and going to the park all the time!
Yesterday, despite all the business happening to myself and others, Lisa and I made a trip back to Gaspereau to hit up the Gaspereau Valley Fibres yarn shop. I LOVE this place. Seriously. The rural area is f-ing beautiful, it’s in a BARN, it has tonnes and tonnes of fibre and spinning wheels!!!!! I wish I lived across the street from it 😛
So we made the trip, bought ourselves some yarn(I got 3 skeins of Cotton Fleece, a huge bunch of sock weight wool to dye, black dye and hot pink-which she gave me for free-and 2 circular needles) then headed back up to the Blomidon look-off again to check it out now that it’s summer and things are blooming!



We tried to drive to the end but gave up most of the way in-some day when it isn’t so hot we will drive to the end and then walk the trail 😉

This is the funny little man again-I tried to get a pic of him last time too but it didn’t take very well. Next time I will get out and get a still shot 😛

When we got back to Halifax we decided to get some ice cream at the park-it was hot out all day and when we were leaving the restaurant in Wolfville that we had eaten at we saw a sign for their EXTREME Banana Split, so we couldn’t get ice cream out of our heads 😛

Yum! Moon mist is my favorite ice cream!
There were so many random people at the park. all kinds of old people muttering and being weird, kind of like Grandpa Simpson and the whole “So I took the train to Shelbyville to git a new heel fer ma shoe…” There was also some middle eastern “thuggy” type guys who were there in a MINIVAN and a middle aged couple in a fancy schmancy sports car and the woman kept pulling her shorts out of her ass. Oh-and the best part-a thug white guy with a pitbull or something like it that was wearing SUNGLASSES! The DOG! It was awesome! I wish I had of gotten a pic.

Check it out! That, my friends, is the beginnings of tomatoes! Weeee!!!!


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