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Trip to Cape Breton-in photos! August 27, 2008

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Alright, I’m just going to do a running commentary on these-it’s easier 😛

The Snow Queen dinner in Antigonish! Old school!

Chad enjoys a good onion ring!

My bloody finger….I mean-french frie

As you can see, I was eating VERY healthily

Driving through Cape Breton

Baadeck Yarns! This place blew me away-I had to go back a second time 😛

Exterior of the yarn shop!

Chad is not very nice to mrs. Graham Bell!

Seal Island Bridge from the Bras d’Or look off

Chad at the look-off!

Me at the look-off: notice the Ravelry shirt? 😉

Newman came to greet us when we got in!

Another of Newman-he’s such a sweetie

Here’s our rental car-a Ford Focus. I really liked it.

Yay! I’m in Millville!


What the? This creepy attraction was near Cheticamp

Ring around the Rosie!

Oh no! Lawnmower man!!!!

The Cape Breton Highlands!

Sooo pretty but sooo scary!!!

Ah, the ocean!


My very first moose!!!!! I named him Maurice, because it was on French Mountain!

And that is all. 😛
I bought some wicked yarn at that yarn shop that I will try and get pics of this weekend, bought yarny prezzies for my girls and had a fabulous time. I was really hoping I would come back to the city to find out I won the lottery so I could just move there. 😦


Knitting Olympics August 25, 2008

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Alright, so I didn’t do so well with the knitting olympics. I should have had plenty of time, but some unexpected work came up and I ended up having to work FROM work instead of from home, which is what I had been anticipating. So I didn’t end up finishing my sweater sprint project or the last of my WIPSwrestling projects.

I DID finish 2 projects and got double gold for them!

The projects I finished were 2 of the squares for the Sexy Ladies Afghan square swap.

I’m going to try and finish up both my projects this week to get them off my plate. Then it’s baby stuff galore before the mom-to-be squirts out her baby in September!


Karyn and Darryl’s Wedding Reception

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Alright, so I am a little behind in my blogging. These pics are actually from a party held for my friends karyn and Darryl since none of us could make it up to their wedding on July 27th. This is…hmmm…I don’t know the exact date off the top of my head. It was the Saturday after the Olympics started. Congratulations Karyn and Darryl!

Me and Gillian

Me and my sweetie pie!

The party! It was held at Karyn’s aunts house which was GORGEOUS! That little deck hangs over a stream!

Tom and my boobs

The bride opens some presents!

That’s Darryl, the groom, on the left!

Kel being pretty, as usual-look how the sun lights up her purple streaks!

Lisa, looking perfect as always 🙂

Kel and Karyn-karyn usually is laughing at something 😛

Karyn’s uncle made deep fried turkey!

Uh oh! Looks like Chad got fresh!

That’s all for this post, folks! I have a lot of blogging to do!


My dogs are tired August 8, 2008

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Feet, that is.
Whew-I have done some insane amount of walking the last 2 days!
Yesterday I started my new job! It’s all the way out in Lower Sackvegas, as the kids call it, so I have to walk downtown for 20 mins or so with my heavy heavy laptop bag, hop a cushy bus for a half hour or so then walk another 25 mins or so through an industrial sort of area and then I get to work! It’s rough on my arms and back(because the things is so heavy) but I am glad to be getting the walking in. Also, last night was knitting night so I walked home from that and tonight I went to the Dartmouth knitting night(bloooddddy marrrry, for you ladies who were there) and that was a walk there and back. Whew! My feet have blisters all over them! 😛
Tonight we were celebrating my new job and winning the Knit Girl contest-I had some wine and some food(I skipped all meals today for some reason!), and we petted Lesley’s yarn pirate yarn and it was fun 🙂 But all that ghost talk makes me glad my man is here and already in bed-now I can go to sleep! ha ha ha ha ha
Tomorrow is the stary of the Ravelry knitting olympics. I had originally been signed up for Cherry and to finish Nicole’s vest I had started making her. But I’m not sure I can finish both and 2 sweaters is a bit much and a bit boring. So I made my Private Benjamin hat one of my WIPS for WIPS Wrestling, as well as 2 afghan squares for my sexy ladies afghan square swap. I figure that’s enough variety to keep me occupied! 😛 ha ha ha ha ha
Now-off to bed! Toooo tired!


I won! August 6, 2008

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Yay! Thanks everyone who voted and wished me well! I won!