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Trip to Cape Breton-in photos! August 27, 2008

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Alright, I’m just going to do a running commentary on these-it’s easier 😛

The Snow Queen dinner in Antigonish! Old school!

Chad enjoys a good onion ring!

My bloody finger….I mean-french frie

As you can see, I was eating VERY healthily

Driving through Cape Breton

Baadeck Yarns! This place blew me away-I had to go back a second time 😛

Exterior of the yarn shop!

Chad is not very nice to mrs. Graham Bell!

Seal Island Bridge from the Bras d’Or look off

Chad at the look-off!

Me at the look-off: notice the Ravelry shirt? 😉

Newman came to greet us when we got in!

Another of Newman-he’s such a sweetie

Here’s our rental car-a Ford Focus. I really liked it.

Yay! I’m in Millville!


What the? This creepy attraction was near Cheticamp

Ring around the Rosie!

Oh no! Lawnmower man!!!!

The Cape Breton Highlands!

Sooo pretty but sooo scary!!!

Ah, the ocean!


My very first moose!!!!! I named him Maurice, because it was on French Mountain!

And that is all. 😛
I bought some wicked yarn at that yarn shop that I will try and get pics of this weekend, bought yarny prezzies for my girls and had a fabulous time. I was really hoping I would come back to the city to find out I won the lottery so I could just move there. 😦


8 Responses to “Trip to Cape Breton-in photos!”

  1. heliinä Says:

    Ohhh these photos are so fab and bring back memories! Looks like you guys had alot of fun!

    The “Scarecrow Theater” is … oddball, isn’t it! We missed it this trip to Cape Breton… had really wanted to show it to my brother but couldn’t find it… I’m glad to see it’s still there! lol I love the lawnmower man photo.

    Baadeck Yarns is so awesome! I bought way too much when I was there. Let’s see some yarnie-photos, girl!

    Did you guys go all the way around the Cabot Trail? If you did, did you go clockwise or counterclockwise? I’ve heard it’s the best clockwise, and have only ever done it that way… not that there would be a big difference that I could see! or did you guys just up to Cheticamp ?

    This is the greatest post on my friends’ journals today!

  2. Lesley Says:

    I love the scarecrow people! It’s awesome!

    I think the moose I saw were on French as well.

    Did you see the giant dildo-looking thing? It’s blue…

  3. Melissa @ Banana Migraine Says:

    It looks like you two have too much fun together – I love it! I think I’d like to visit there sometime – especially the yarn store!

  4. heliinä Says:

    I had to show your photos to my hubby…. he was really grooving on stopping at the Scarecrows this year (they’ve been there for eons!)…. and he says.. “next time we’re road tripping in Nova Scotia.. I want to hang out with those two. We’ll bring the hearse. They look like my kinda people.” 🙂

    Alas, I don’t know when we’ll be back to the east coast… 2 years probably!

  5. Stephanie N Says:

    Heliina-we took the cabot trail from his parents place in bras d’Or to baadeck, then across margaree to cheticamp and then up into it. I’m not sure which way that is. I guess clockwise. That sounds about right.
    I’m glad we have yours and your husbands “approval” 😛 ha ha ha ha ha ha I think we’re pretty fun 😉
    Lesley-no, I don’t remember a big blue dildo thing. Do you remember where it was at? Usually I remember phallic things 😛

  6. Mama Brook Says:

    My son just yelled “MOOOOOOOOSEY!!!!!”

  7. flopeanut Says:

    I’m a French reader. I came to Halifax in june 2008 and loved it.
    I was browsing our blog having fun and a bit of nostalgia for nova scotia. And when I saw your moose… Maurice, I couldnt help laughing!

  8. flopeanut Says:

    Just let me add something : French reader… from France!

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