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Pacafiesta! September 29, 2008

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This weekend was Pacafiesta out at Exhibition park in Halifax. I was super excited and even though I am supposed to be on a yarn diet, I decided it doesn’t apply to special events. Regardless, I really need to make a huge dent in my stash so that I can get stuff to make Christmas presents-it’s coming up on us fast!
So we(Lisa, Chad and I) got out there a little after noon. We ended up JUST missing Meegiemoo, which sucks because we have yet to meet! Julie came over and chatted for a few minutes-I nervously talked her ear off because that is what I do! ha ha ha ha ha ha Also ran into my aunt and cousin who were there because my aunt keeps alpacas over the summer for 4H for Atlantic Canada Alpacas and because she is looking into buying some midget alpacas.
Chad had a lot of fun petting the animals and laughing at all the alpacas making their little humming noises. Lisa didn’t buy anything(for SHAME! ha ha ha ha ha) and I bought a bunch of fiber and some yarn.
On to the pics!

Goat! ha ha ha ha ha ha

Chad likes to pet things

What are YOU looking at?

So cute 😛

Some spinning! I REEEEAAALLLYYY need a spinning wheel already!

More pettings


Hahaha I love how the llama is smiling-she must like Lisa at lot!

The llama baby!

Giant knitting!

My score-2 bags black and white fiber and some GORGEOUS brown and cream handspun from the Atlantic Canada Alpacas booth. This yarn I am already using and it is the BEST yarn I have knit with so far-100% alpaca

From the Black Lamb booth-2 bags of purple based fiber-one is black and purple the other is purple with some grey-and some hot pink city silk, I think it was.


Photo project September 27, 2008

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Alright, so you may or may not know that I used to be really heavy into photography. I have a diploma and I spent 2 years meeting models and doing shoots in my spare time. I am obsessed with pin-ups and all that. So anyways, I ended up slowly getting out of it because my hours at work got to be insane and I was starting to have a bit of a melt down when it came to the meeting of the models and all that-I don’t do too well in those kind of scenarios-meeting strangers for the first time and working with them and all that. Hell-I’m scared of my damn phone even! ha ha ha ha
So lately I have been really wanting to ease back in to it-more on my own terms. So I have decided to combine my love of knitting with my love of photography. I have enlisted some of my knitting friends to let me experiment with them and their finished objects. Eventually I would like to be doing shots of them with FO’s the designed themselves. I’ve been really into the Rowan and Louisa Harding books(and others) and I LOVE the photos int hem. Gorgeous!!!
So for starters, keeping in mind that I am SUPER rusty and I didn’t have my fancy lights with me, here are some pics of my wonderful, gorgeous friend Lisa and her new sweater she made! You can find her project page here on ravelry.


Baby stuff!

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Alright, so I spent a good chunk of my knitting time the past month trying to finish up a bunch of baby stuff for my old boss who is now a daddy! Hard to believe since we all went to college together what seems like yesterday!!!!! I know *I* don’t feel like I am old enough for a kid!!! ha ha ha ha ha
Anyways, I ended up making a lot-2 hats, 2 baby genius burp clothes from Mason Dixon, 2 wash clothes, a pair of Saarjes Booties and a pinwheel blanket that is definitely baby sized-I just couldn’t keep knitting on it-I was losing my MIND!!! ha ha ha ha ha
Here’s so pics before I delivered it!


Whew! I am behind!!!

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Alright, so the new job has kept me quite busy this past month. Some weeks I don’t have too much work and others I have too much. My schedule is still all out of whack, so some days I am exhausted and others not so much, some days I have to go in to work, other days I work from home with varying success. Oh well, I am sure it will straighten itself out soon enough!
Expect many little posts until I catch up!