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French bread January 17, 2009

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Alright, so I do quite a bit of baking and cooking around here and I never think to photograph it. I’m going to try and keep up on that.
Also, in the fall, I am hoping to be enrolled in a 1 year course on boulanger and pastry arts. I cheated this time around by using the bread maker to do the harder prep work but I wanted to have it done right this first time so I could see what I was in for when it came to the shaping, rising, glazing and baking. I am really sad that I already ate supper because this looks and smells AMAZING.


3 Responses to “French bread”

  1. Brook Says:

    MMMMMM! I want some!

  2. rubyredruca Says:

    That looks delicious!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Oh man, that looks so good. You know, if you enroll in that baking course, you’ll have to give me your practice food, since I’ll be a starving student, too!
    – kate.

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