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SOCKS! February 4, 2009

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So for my birthday a friend took me to a yarn store and got me to pick out what I wanted. And as I wanted to learn socks, I picked out the booklet for Magic Loop knitting. I have to say-I LOVE magic loop! I tried socks before a few times and never finished even 1 single sock because I hate dpns and I found it went soooo slow! Now that I have magic loop, I predict many socks in the future! This is the first pair I did, they are baby socks from the winter issue of Knit.1 magazine. They are for my friends Keith and Krista, who are expecting.

This pair is for Chad’s mom. She’s awesome and I thought of her when I saw this yarn. These are going in the mail right away! They just finished drying! The pattern is RPM from I am now on my second pair of RPM-this time for Tiffany, the friend who bought me the magic loop book and also the yarn I am making her socks out of-it’s beiges, which is not as fun as stripey yarn, but it’s what she wanted and is still pretty-just no dramatic color changes to make me go “Ooooohhhhhooooohhh” ha ha ha ha

My dartmouth knitting group is doing a KAL of Marlena by Cookie A but I don’t think I have the skills to conquer that just yet-not to mention I am kinda broke and don’t have suitable yarn for it. That will have to wait. It’s a gorgeous pattern, though! There’s also a wicked pattern by Ysolda in there that I would like to try at some point-asfter I have a few pairs of regular socks under my belt first 😛


3 Responses to “SOCKS!”

  1. Brook Says:

    I love the socks.

  2. Melissa @ Banana Migraine Says:

    Very nice!! I love magic loop too!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Ah, you’ve fallen in love with sock knitting. It’s highly addictive. But, I also love dpns and haven’t tried magic loop yet. But, I believe I will when I’ve finished my UFOs.

    – Kate.

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