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Baby Ramona! February 14, 2009

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Congratulations Ann and Derrick for welcoming in baby Ramona in the wee hours of Valentine’s Day! Ruth must be super excited 🙂
P.S.-I was very very drunk last night and put my cell right beside my head when I fell asleep so I would get the news when Lesley texted it-it scared the crap outta me an hour later! ha ha ha ha ha ha I drunkenly stumbled to the living room to make a Rav post because I knew everyone was waiting to hear 😛
Anyone know what kind of pie Ann likes? And is she a vegetarian or just while preggers? I never think to ask anyone these things 😛


4 Responses to “Baby Ramona!”

  1. rubyredruca Says:

    Ramona’s an awesome name!

  2. catseatsocks Says:

    Yeah she is vegetarian full time. I don´t know what kind of pie she likes, but she loves cheesecake.

  3. Melissa @ Banana Migraine Says:

    That is the most awesome name!!

  4. Ann Says:


    It makes my heart happy that you were drunk – since you know, they wouldn’t let me…

    I like pie. All kinds of pie. I think you should be a baker – open your own little bakery. I’d give up poutine for you!

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