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Photos June 28, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — hellcat @ 10:16 pm

In the past month I have:

Gone to a baby shower for a wonderful friend

Discovered a really gross looking bottle of cola at the store

Gone on a road trip

Finished a sweater that actually fits really good for once

and gotten a wicked swap package in the mail!


4 Responses to “Photos”

  1. Julie Says:

    I love that purple dress. The sweater and bubblegum themed yarn is pretty yummy too.

  2. Heliina Says:

    Like I posted on your Ravelry project page for it — I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Liesl sweater. It looks absolutely fabulous on you … that colour is just beautiful.

    (is there a purple dress in this post?)

    • hellcat Says:

      Thank you, dearie! I love how it turned out too!!! I was so happy to have finally made something that fit properly! Usually I make em too big!
      (And I think she meant the navy blue dress-it might be kinda purpley on her monitor!)

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