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Cape Breton July 27, 2009

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Last weekend I went to Cape Breton to visit my man and his family-he’s been up there working for his dad for about 6 weeks now. He’ll finally be coming home this weekend!

The visit was spent watching a few movies(Knowing and Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead), going for lots of walks along the woods, a jog or two, lots of yummy food(his mom’s cooking rocks, and also-donuts, Wendy’s, pizza and A&K Lik-a-Chick chicken), and spending time with my wonderful “spouse”!

Chad took some pics of my Liesl for me because I wanted some in the outdoors to add to my Ravelry page and I took some random pics of stuff while I was there! Here they are!


Kitty Pillow July 24, 2009

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Finished another of my WIPS wrestlemania projects last week. a kitty pillow for my coworker Brad, who adores the kitties 🙂


Ishbel and the beach July 12, 2009

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So summer finally seems to be here, at least for the end of the week it was. Lisa and I ventured out to the beach to take some photos and enjoy the day. I brought along Ishbel by Ysolda to get some pics for my Rav page. I’m sick of just having crappy snapshots of my stuff-especialy when I have a photography diploma. I’m just lazy most of the time!

So here are some pics of my Ishbel and me and Lisa and the beach!


WIPS Wrestlemania July 1, 2009

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Alright, so I signed up for the WIPS Wrestlemania event on Ravelry last night. I think I loaded up 6 projects. Let’s see:
Pillow for a friend, market bag from an old Knit Girls KAL, tube top from an old Knit Girls KAL, my mom’s Ishbel for her birthday, my Razor Cami for the Knit girls KAL this month, and a plastic bag holding bag. So far, today being the first day and having to work all day, I only got 1 done, but one is better than none! So I present to you, my finished Market Bag! I think I will try using it tomorrow or Friday to get some groceries!



Birthday’s Galore!

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So today is not only the birthday of my dear home, Canada, but it is also the birthday of a sweet friend, Megan(metaljune13 on ravelry), and my fluffy kitty, Zartan the Cat. The day is just full of awesomeness 🙂

Mr Z

Mr Z