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Pretty Things Boutique October 4, 2009

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The beginning of September, during my first few days at school, were spent helping Cadence renovate her expanded store space over at Pretty Things Boutique. We took a gross colored bathroom and back room and turned them into pink loveliness. I haven’t been in since the couch and change rooms were put in, but it looks amazing!


2 Responses to “Pretty Things Boutique”

  1. heliina Says:

    I love those pink walls! I took a look at the website and they have the prettiest dresses …. it’s too bad they consider 3x to equal size 16. Poo.

    • hellcat Says:

      Well, I know for a lot of her stuff she carries larger sizes than that. Like up to a 26, I think? Something like that. I’m around a size 12 and I usually take L/XL depending on the make of the dress. So I guess that the 3x would be around a 16-18.

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