The Domesticated Dame

The tale of a modern woman who turned back time and reclaimed her right to be domesticated

Lamb of God and Gwar October 30, 2009

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So last night I went to another concert. This time it was Lamb of God and Gwar. I’m not much of a metalhead anymore, but my man is so we got pre-sale tickets a few months ago. Of course, at the time, I didn’t realize I would have an 8:30 am test in Medical Terminology class, but what are ya gonna do? I ended up staying at the back with my friend Jen all night as neither of us cared about being close or wanted to be in the sea of people flipping out. It was a fun show, though! Lots of crazies around! ha ha ha ha I think tonight’s Blondie concert will be more my speed!

I DID, however, discover that they had wine on their alcohol list and I am sure I was the only one drinking it. I may have gotten a leeeeeetle bit drunk 😛 ha ha ha ha ha


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