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Christmas countdown November 14, 2009

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Well, Christmas is coming up fast and not only am I broke and busy with school and work, but I have a tonne of x-mas presents to get knitted up! Add to that the fact that I have sooo many things I want to knit for myself and no sweaters to keep me warm this season, and it is kind of daunting.

So far for x-mas I am planning at least 1 pair of socks(for my MIL), some baby stuff for Samuel, a hat and scarf for my daddy because he asked for them (almost done the hat now! hurrah!), and I have a few other ideas floating around in my little head. I think I can get this stuff done, it’s just a matter of what else will come up between now and x-mas. The good thing is that once I go home for x-mas all knitting is for ME! woo! Annnnnnd Tangled Skeins always has a great sale for boxing day, so I can get me some sweater yarn and make myself some sweet sweaters!