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A busy busy week May 26, 2008

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Alright, so it’s been a week. What have I been up to? Well, let me just tell you!
Tuesday I bummed around all day on the internet looking for jewelery making supplies-I haven’t done a stock up in a while and I need to get off my ass and do it already. This time I was looking for some pendant frames-I’ve really enjoyed making the belt buckles and I found some neat copyright free stuff on Etsy that I can buy for cheap and use, so I need to find some good pendant frames.
Tuesday night was our first derby practice this season. After us all being off skates since the fall(when we lost our outdoor space and were unable to get an indoor one) only TWO of us showed up. Pretty shitty. The one bonus was that I really got to help the one other girl that showed up and she was skating pretty damn good by the end of it. For me-it was just like riding a bike. I love having my skates on!
Wednesday-I went downtown and met the boy for lunch, picked up my lovely casserole and bowl set from miss Brooklynn(!) and walked all over the place. Then I ate some supper and walked with Jillybean to L’s place for knitting night(about an hour walk from my place). Lots of good exercise. I started a crocheted afghan for my bedroom that is all sorts of little squares in different colors all sewn together in the end. Later in the week I actually doubled the size of the squares so that a) my sometimes uneven crocheting wouldn’t be so noticeable and b)so that I wouldn’t have quite so much sewing up to do in the end. I think I need something like 130 squares in 3 different colors to finish it 😛 ha ha ha ha It’s going to be a while. I think I’m on #4 right now.
Thursday I went to the mall with my loverly friend Raven Maven and we tried on lots of stuff in the search for this one damn dress I am trying to find. I finally found what I was looking for at Smart Set and of course, they didn’t have Large which was what I needed. 😦 Then we ran into Kent Building Supplies Garden Centre so I could get lots of pretty veggies for my balcony garden! I didn’t do ANYTHING with my balcony last year, so this year I wanted it to be nice.
We also picked up some fast food on the way home, which I haven’t had in forever! I grabbed a big bucket of mixed KFC for me and the man to have for supper. It totally wiped me out of my days Weight Watchers points but it was sooooo gooooooood! ha ha ha ha ha
Friday I puttered around, met the man for lunch downtown and went to a second Smart Set to find my dress-again, no large. That leaves 2 left in the whole city. Friday night we hung out and watched Idiocrisy(?) which a friend had lent us.
Saturday we went to the park and had a good walk and I wandered around with one of my old film cameras snapping pics while the man and his brother played catch. There were many many funny dogs to be had. Then we walked all the way back and I picked up a little tree for Chad at another garden centre for the balcony. It’s cute 😛 Then we had a full night of watching hockey and me making nachos and things and crocheting. I was going to go to a party that night and totally lost track of the time and next thing I knew Maven was texting me about going and i was half asleep and not up to heading out(it was after 11 at that point), so I didn’t go 😦
Sunday was our second derby practice! More girls showed up this time and most of the way through practice I totally fell during a drill and took my partner down with me! It was hilarious! But now my ass is sore-I totally always land on my right ass cheek. EVERY time!!!! My palm of my right hand hurts a bit too, but nothing I can’t live with, of course. It was quite a good time and when I got home I was exhausted!
Well, that was my week. I’m glad I seem to be out of this reclusive rut I was in. For weeks now I have put off going out, even on beautiful days, and haven’t really planned a whole lot to do things with friends. I have to make a point of just going out and enjoying myself, even if I am by myself at the time.I may even start reading down on the boardwalk-it’s only about a 5 min walk from my place.
Alright, so that’s it except for some pics of my balcony and a note to miss Brooklynn-I sent you a present! I don’t know how long it will take to get there, but it’s on it’s way!


Tattoo Festival 2008! May 19, 2008

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Alright, so Saturday was the first day of the tattoo festival! I got all dolled up and headed out in the rain with my girl, Sarah(aka Raven Maven), to get our merchandise and all that set up. We met our manager and Kelta(Tragedy Ann)’s husband Chris(Scratch) there and started setting up. Then I realized that I, moron that I am, forgot my banner for our table at home. So he graciously drove me all the way home so I could get it. Then, on the way back, we stopped into the Burger King drive through to pick up some food for lunch and ran out of gas on the way out. 😛 So there I am, all dressed up and useless, sitting in a gas-less SUV in the middle of the road while Scratch runs over to get a gas can and some gas from the nearby(thank god!!!) gas station. So we finally get there, finish setting up and the day went pretty good.
Sunday I was there from mid afternoon until 9. I picked up a couple of pairs of earrings and some FUDGE!!!! it was yummy 🙂
Then today, the last day, was the longest seeming day yet, probably because it was a slow day, we didn’t do much in sales and since most of the artists had nothing to do, I was wanting a tattoo even more than I had the other 2 days 😛 Soon enough, I keep telling myself, soon enough…..
Here’s some pics from my camera-I’ll post some more when other people get theirs up on Facebook 🙂

Last day of the convention-me and our biggest fan-Nicole! She stalks us on Facebook apparently 😛 She knew who we all were and everything! ha ha ha ha ha

Scratch, me, Daisy Chained and Rocket Angel on day 2

Me and Rotten Dutchess!-day 2

Raven Maven and Scratch-day 2


Tattoo Festival! May 16, 2008

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This weekend I will be busy working my roller derby’s booth at the tattoo festival.
I worked it last year, but was very nervous, mostly unprepared and it was very cramped. I’m hoping this year will be better. We all know each other a lot better, and it’s at a different local than last year, so there should be a lot more room. I desperately wish I was getting tattooed by my buddy Wade, even just a little one, but I am sooo broke right now. Plus, what money I had went to a new haircut, which I hadn’t had in MONTHS, and some stuff for our table, like a little acrylic sign holder for the prices(we’re selling t-shirt and pins and things, and I am selling some belt buckles and earrings to benefit the team), some glow bracelets, some little name tags(hee hee!) and probably some photo copying today for our flyers.
Here’s some pics from last year-

Rotten Dutchess getting her tattoo done
Part of the freak show
Some of the girls working the table

Me grabbing some random tattoo guy who hung out near our table all day 😛


Adventures in Knitting May 8, 2008

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Alright blogworld, what’s new with you?
Since my last post, I have put myself on a some-what yarn diet. there’s a few things I need to pick up, because I have a taste now for knitted garments and want to make myself some fun summer stuff, but I need to save money and get the stash down to make room for even better stash in the future, so no buying random yarn for a while! ha ha ha ha I have made my first ever actual garment for myself this week. It is the Eyelet Shrug from 101 Designer One Skein Wonders. I found the pattern a little confusing, but overall it turned out good, just a few little mistakes. I think it’s cute. 🙂 and it’s not BLACK! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Lisa and I are on a big mission to stop making clothes or buying clothes in black all the time-it’s REALLY hard. Black is soooo nice! ha ha ha ha haha

Last night was our first attempt at a group knitting night with a bunch of extra people than our “core” group. We rented a room at a local coffee shop that seats 15 or so people and invited a bunch of people we thought/knew were interested in coming, but that we couldn’t normally invite because a) space in our living rooms is at a premium right now and b) some people don’t really know other people and you don’t want to be inviting strangers to peoples places and all that and c) we like having just our little group most of the time because we all mesh good and can gossip and all that good stuff. So there we were, at the coffee shop, and there were SIX of us. Out of all the people we invited SIX showed up. One regular was sick, one didn’t show up and another that was supposed to be there also didn’t show up. And then some people just never got back to us. So it ended up being more expensive than we had previously thought. 😦 Hopefully next time will be better. It was too bad. And then me, genius that I am decided I wanted a NEW project to work on, so after trying to find yarn and patterns and all that I chucked a hank into my bag with a pattern and some needles and ran out the door. Only to realize I can’t knit from a hank. So I spent 2 hours out of the 2.5 we had there just winding it into a ball 😛 ha ha ha ha ha ha I suck!
Anyways, that’s my world. Now I have the rest of the week to knit and watch the SIX movies I rented this week and have yet to watch, that have to be returned on Monday night. King Kong, Superman Returns, Zathura, Kinky Boots, Black Snake Moan and Snakes on a Plane. All movies I meant to see when they came out and then didn’t get a chance to. Well now I will-if I manage to fit them all in with the working out, laundry and the boy’s family being up all weekend…..